Who, What, Where? Wine?

Who, What, Where? Wine!

What goes on behind the scenes in the wine industry? Who are the forces shaping the wine world as we know it, and what does that mean for the trade or the consumer? Who, What, Where? Wine! is a podcast for the discover, the insider, the novice—anyone willing to dive into the wine trade and isn’t afraid to talk about the issues, concerns and triumphs that happen out of the public eye.

Join three friends as they have a conversation about the business of wine. Stephen, Rebecca and Erin are all living and working in “the business”. Each brings a different set of expertise—Rebecca spends her days in the direct-to-consumer, hospitality sphere, Stephen uses data to bolster sales, marketing and business best practices at a winery, and Erin serves as an editor at a B2B magazine and website.

The three friends met on the staff of the Sonoma State STAR. Upon graduating, they would regularly meet up over a couple bottles of wine to catch up on each other’s lives. Invariably, work-related issues would arise and—after the 50th or so conversation about the powers and influences shaping the wine world—decided the time was right to turn their experience and research into a podcast. Utilizing their journalism backgrounds to answer some of the most asked questions—with a glass of wine in hand, of course—is what Who, What, Where? Wine is all about.

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